Any idea how many incarnations of Microsoft Office there have been since 2000? Answer: Six...

Each one bringing new features and enhancements. So it’s probably fair to say that the programmes you use today are very different to the ones you learnt on. Yet most of us still try to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and the rest as we first experienced them and many of us will be grumbling about the impact of the changes without realising the benefits of them.

But that’s where ongoing IT training comes in. And the benefits to investing in staff training are numerous:

Improved efficiency and productivity – staff can complete tasks more quickly and deliver more if they know how to get the most from the packages they use

Increased staff morale – investing in training for your team shows a commitment to them

Better staff retention – staff who feel valued are more likely to stay with your company

Easier to attract new talent – good people value organisations that are prepared to invest in their staff

Good for company profile – having a reputation for investing in training is good news for customers, potential customers and business partners too

At Qdos we’ve got nearly 20 years’ experience in running regular Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook courses. Either in our purpose-built training room in Purley or at your premises. We also provide courses on Microsoft Office 365, AutoCAD, Publisher and Project.

Andrew Reeves, our Founder and Principal Trainer, said: “The most common piece of feedback we receive on our courses is that participants have learnt how to do something quicker or more efficiently. It’s often something that’s been bugging them for ages and they are then able to take that knowledge back to the office and share it. Even those who think they know a product like Excel learn something new. And people always enjoy the training more than they expected to!”

Qdos training courses start at just £120+VAT for a half day course and there are group booking discounts available.

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