What are Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are created using mathematical equations and geometric primitives such as points, lines, and curves. These graphics are resolution-independent, meaning they can be scaled to any size without losing clarity or detail.

Why use Vector Graphics:

  1. Scalability: Vector graphics can be scaled up or down without any loss in quality, making them ideal for situations where size flexibility is crucial, such as logos or illustrations.
  2. Crisp and Sharp: Since vector graphics are based on mathematical calculations, they retain their sharpness and crispness even when zoomed in, ensuring high-quality output.
  3. File Size Efficiency: Vector files tend to be smaller in size compared to pixel-based formats. This aspect makes them more manageable to store, share, and transmit over the Internet.
  4. Easy Editing: Vectors are composed of individual objects and shapes, making them highly editable. You can easily modify elements like colour, shape, and size without compromising the overall quality.
  5. Versatility: Vector graphics can be easily adapted to various applications. They are suitable for both print and web-based designs, allowing flexibility across different mediums. So if you need a sign for a building or livery for a company vehicle, a logo or graphic for print or website... vector graphics can do them all.
  6. Can be Animated: Due to the nature of Vector formatted graphics, converted to a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) gives access to editable code and therefore can be manipulated to change the various shapes and coordinates inside this code.
SVG banner graphic

Get moving... Get attention!

Scalable Vector Graphic's (SVG) gives us the opportunity to manipulate the image using code and animate the elements within the graphic giving movement to what would be a static resource. from a simple colour change to a full animated story! All can be done with an SVG file.

Super lightweight

In most cases, svg formatted images are smaller than an equivalent size pixel based image! The size of an svg file depends on how complex it is, not how large... whereas a pixel image is the other way round! Imagine a 100 x 100 pixel raster image of a red square! Thats 10,000 pixels / 30kb of information and it can never be shown larger than 100px sq on screen or printed. Now take an svg of a red square! No physical size or resolution to worry about... no worries about the size it'll be on screen or printed... and it's 4kb. 

SVG icon
svg quality image

Vector vs Pixel based images

Both vector and pixel graphics offer unique advantages and cater to different design requirements. While vector graphics excel in scalability, file size efficiency, and versatility, pixel graphics shine in achieving photorealism and specialized effects.

Trying to force a pixel based image to be physically larger than it's intended use, will result in jagged or blurry images. So, it is vitally important to ensure that all your pixel images (.jpeg, .png etc) are created and saved in an appropriate resolution and size. Consultant Qdos Digital Solutions if you need advice on the best format for your project.

One file does it all... no matter what the screen size.

Website page load times are important! From a user experience, as well as how your website is ranked by search engines like Google. The quicker your site the better the ranking. This is where SVG graphics come into their own. Instead of creating and loading multiple sizes of say, your company logo... just one svg version of the logo is enough to cover all, no matter what size on the page. So, from Cinema screen to the smallest of mobile devices, one tiny file is all you need.

svg responsive image
cleankill story svg

Make a story

Here is a live example of an animated svg created by Qdos Digital for CleanKill Pest Control. We created a story that shows where pests can live. The svg file size is less than 350kb

Visit CleanKill Pest Control for more examples.

Do more with your logo!

Take your logo to the next step! This example is for a School Bursary website. Create engaging interactions and get more results

Want your logo to do more? Get a Vector version. Talk to Qdos


disrupting the pattern logo
rural 3
rural 2
rural 1

Engaging Icons

Qdos Digital solutions have created literally hundreds of icons for clients over the years. Icons are great for drawing attention or to differentiate particular elements on your project, leading to higher engagement.

Created with your brand in mind, icons give a consistent, harmonious look to your website or piece of print.

Data Visualisation

When it comes to data visualization, presenting intricate information in a clear and aesthetically pleasing manner is crucial. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) has become a versatile and powerful tool for producing interactive and dynamic visualizations.

thermo graphic
barchart image

Create moving backgrounds

There's no limit to what you can create with SVG graphics. Include moving background images to gain the users interest. This example is only 36kb

trinity equipment wheel

Interested in taking advantage of Vector & SVG graphics for your project?