Fully Bespoke Application

Reduce paperwork and admin. Generate and email out reports on the fly. Give your clients access to key information about their projects.  Or commission us to build a full-blown project management system bespoke to your own specific needs.

Here are a few examples of web-apps:

  • A mobile app for surveyors – fill out a customised survey form, accurately dictate paragraphs of text, take photographs, score items, flag high risks, and make a list of recommendations.  Then with the click of a button turn it into a branded PDF report and email it to the client there and then.  Meanwhile your colleagues back in the office have instant access to the data, to download, generate a quote or otherwise process it while you go and carry out the next survey.
  • A bespoke referral form – to capture whatever information you require.  Lead the referrer through the appropriate sections of the form based on their answers to previous questions. Set up actions triggered by specific answers, such as sending the answers to one part of the form to a specific department, without them having access to view the whole form.  Generate automatic email responses to the referrer, tailored according to the answers given.  Collate and download results in Excel.
  • A project management system – designed to meet your specific business needs. Combine CRM (Client Relationship Management) functions with projects lists, budgets, book crew onto jobs, allocate and track resources, share documents, track progress against targets, manage transports, load-lists, track deliveries, and much more


Company Intranet

Example uses include:

  • Share internal news and company updates
  • Maintain an accessible corporate directory
  • Organise your photos and other graphical assets into a searchable image library
  • Publish documents and templates into document libraries
  • Events calendars
  • Share ideas in structured discussion forums

Qdos has specialists who can build your intranet on Drupal or SharePoint technologies.

What a bespoke Web App can do for your company!

The Fairs and Events team at DB Schenker UK is responsible for the smooth running of transport and on-site logistics for numerous large tradeshows and exhibitions across the UK, Europe and further afield. Until 2018 the F&E team had relied on a combination of in-house managed SharePoint forms and spreadsheets. Bookings from customers were all handled manually, and information flow was difficult.

This is a video, made by DB Schenker showcasing what they called 'A game changer' Web App solution created by the Qdos Digital Team.

The client has gone on to commission Qdos Digital to create further apps for many of the companies other departments, as well as replicate them Internationally.


Think you may need a Web App?

Contact the Qdos Digital Web Team to discuss the best solution for your project