If you want to change to Office 365 Email, migrate your data to SharePoint or use any of the features of Office 365, like Teams, we can help. 

Office 365 Email

  • Using email in Office 365 you can be sure you data is always accessible
  • You can use Outlook online as your email application at any location in the world
  • Integration with other Microsoft applications such as word, excel etc
  • Emails can be received on any device from your office computer to your laptop through to your mobile phone.



SharePoint is a collaboration tool for holding and sharing information. Using SharePoint you can:-

  • Access data anywhere in the world
  • No need for complicated VPN or third party security - all data is encrypted
  • Hold company data from documents to pictures, calendars to project timelines
  • If you have never used SharePoint we can help design a structure that will work for your business. We can train your staff to help them understand file storage and the best ways to access the data, through to managing your data security.


SharePoint Migration

We can help with:-

Planning - understand the capabilities and constraints of the software, and highlight the do's and don'ts that can catch you out in the migration process.

Automatic data transfer - Migrating manually can be both time consuming and dangerous with the potential to loose important metadata and document version history information. Using our migration applications we can move your data quickly, avoid losing important data and reduce potential loss or down time. 

We can migrate data from server data systems, online data storage vaults or older versions or SharePoint. 


SharePoint Support

If you already have a SharePoint system in place then we can support your team to help resolve issues whether that be accessing previous versions of documents, understanding and implementing correct security groups or managing the system architecture.

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Teams using Hub sites - we can explain how these work and help you adjust your infrastructure to implement these and get the best from Teams group collaboration functionality.

As well as supporting your existing system our expert engineers can help develop your system to automate processes, from time-sheets to holiday systems, or creating online forms and business functional applications.

CASE STUDY: An intranet for a charity >


SharePoint Training Courses

Subjects include:

Please feel free to get in touch and chat through your requirements. Most of our SharePoint courses are tailored specifically to suit the needs and requirements of the client. We can design a course for you.

We cover all SharePoint requirements through design, architecture and installation, to bespoke themes and tailored solutions. We have experienced, expert trainers who create individually-designed courses to suit your specific requirements. Whether internet or intranet administrators, site developers or standard office users - our training will cater for your training needs.

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