Here are five important considerations for any company looking to outsource their IT support. We think we score well on all of these, so if you agree why not ask Qdos for a competitive quote today!

1. Make sure you get a fast response

There’s nothing more infuriating than being in the middle of an urgent project facing tight deadlines when something goes wrong. Make sure you have IT support that will respond quickly! 

We pride ourselves on fast response – there’s always someone on the other end of the telephone during office hours. We won’t force a ticket system upon you that means you must email in and wait, and wait, and wait! Of course we can provide support via email too, but the point is that we are here when you need us. Our pro-active approach means we will usually spot an issue arising before it becomes a problem and fix it without you even noticing. Our aim is to keep you working so that we’re all happy. Be treated as a priority, not just another support ticket on an endless list.


2. Deal with familiar people who understand your IT setup

Nobody likes having to phone a support company only to speak to someone that you’ve never spoken to before, has no idea who you are or how your network is set up. Nobody wants to repeat themselves and explain what their issue is over and over before they receive effective support.

Qdos is perfectly geared up to support small to medium sized businesses. Our small but vastly experienced team will all know about your network and how to deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. Being able to speak to the same technicians each time you call is invaluable - people who already understand how you work as well as the requirements of your business. We can be your IT department, without you having to pay a full-time salary for someone who is bound to be away on annual leave when you need them most and will also take all the company’s IT knowledge with them if they ever decide to leave.

3. Keep it all under one roof

Your job is difficult enough without having to keep track of who looks after which part of your IT. You don’t want the hassle of tracking down multiple suppliers when you have a problem – calling your internet provider just to be told it’s an issue with your router which someone else looks after.

Qdos can supply you with all the IT services you need to save you from going back and forth between different suppliers. We can stitch it all together so that it works. And if you do hit any issues, one call to us and we can get it all sorted – internet connection, hardware support, software licensing, backups, cyber security, VoIP, website. Let us deal with all these aspects for you and spend your time doing the things that make you money.

4. Keep moving forward

Everyone knows that changes can be tough to deal with especially when technology is involved, but it’s important not to get caught 10 years out of date with systems that have not kept pace with the industry. Keep your IT moving forward with the times to make the most of what’s available. Use new technology and updates to save you time and stay secure. Too often we speak to companies who have used the same one-man band for their IT for the past 20 years. They find themselves way out of date because their support guy has not kept them moving with the times – he’s become too comfortable with what he knows and can support. His fear of change is holding them back to the point that their competition has overtaken them and stolen their business. This can lead to costly upgrades and staff re-training all at once.

At Qdos we keep abreast of developments in IT. Supporting and training many organisations in various industries, we can help you utilise the best software and solutions, saving you time and money, allowing you to make the most of your business opportunities. Make sure your support company is proactive, not reactive.

5. Find a support company that understands your business

IT support should go far beyond just making sure that your computers, backups and antivirus are all working. Look for consultants who don’t just understand business but also take time to understand YOUR business and how you operate.

Qdos’ mission statement is to use our expertise to help you maximise yours – this means we strive to understand your objectives and find solutions that save you time and money. We want to work alongside other ambitious companies – if you’re doing well and growing it means we’re doing our job.

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