This is a known issue and has caused many hours of frustration and pain.

The issue is caused by the phone installing PC drivers over the top of the apple drives and this stops the phone from interacting correctly with apple products.

The solution is simple but must be followed exactly.

  • Uninstall ITUNES and Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Go to control panel Programs and features Select iTunes and uninstall it.
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  • Ensure your mobile phone is NOT plugged in and reboot your PC
  • Download and reinstall iTunes Once this is complete then plug in your phone.
  • This is the point you have to be quick - It will come up on the screen showing that the PC is installing your iphone drivers – DON’T LET IT press Close to stop it or depending on your OS IMMEDIATELY CLICK "SKIP OBTAINING DRIVER SOFTWARE FROM WINDOWS UPDATE"...
  • Now you can OPEN your ITUNES...and your device will show correctly.