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When selecting and using the line tool in AutoCAD a single line is created. This may contain multiple segments but each segment can individually be edited or deleted as required.

autocad image

This is useful when you may wish to remove sections, however is not so useful when wanting to offsets of multiple sections.

Offset of a line will give n exact duplicate of the line a specified distance from the original as shown below.


autocad image

In this example a single line segment has been offset by 20 and as shown this give another line 20 away but exactly parallel to the first line.

However if offsetting multiple section as shown below this may not be the desired outcome.


autocad image


Using the polyline tool will create a multi-segmented line but it acts as a single section that is edited as a whole polyline object.


autocad image

Offset a line to a polyline

This is the effect of offsetting the same object as shown above but when it is drawn as a polyline

autocad image


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