The UK's full fibre future has been delayed!

After a industry wide pause on proceedings due to the introduction of the Government's Charter to protect vulnerable customers, particularly telecare users. BT Group's Consumer division are now re-starting the switchover for zero-use landline customers, that already have a broadband connection. They will be contacting all those that use services like telecare or require additional needs - offering a chance to switch to a digital landline, where available.

This revised approach has moved the final deadline for the majority of both business and consumer users from December 2025 to January 2027 to switch from copper lines to full fibre.

However, they are advising that all of it's BT customers should indeed contact the company as early as possible to ensure there are no additional requirements or testing of equipment needed.

You can read the full  BT's newsroom article here.

The UK Government also has a write up on the Transition from analogue to digital landlines. Read more


At Qdos Digital, we believe that switching your company telephone systems to digital is a very smart move!

With the cost savings, additional functions, ease of use and incredible mobility - it makes sense to future proof your business, be ahead of the game and beat the rush. Remember, the January 2027 deadline is when it's all happened! From now until then, you and your company could be given 4 weeks notice to make the switch.

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