As a topic, Hot desking, and Remote home working vs office-based work, certainly divides opinions!

With some businesses totally embracing the concept and others wanting to get back to the traditional, in the office paradigm.

Here at Qdos Digital Solutions, we have seen, over recent times, a definite lean towards businesses opting towards a more flexible way of working!

Businesses are now looking for solutions that allow for greater portability allowing seamless integration with the office environment and the more flexible ‘work from home’ policies that many companies have adopted since the ‘covid years’.

Slowly, Desktop PC’s and permanent desks are being fazed out, being replaced by Hot Desking, laptop docking stations, Cloud/Browser based data storage and VoIP telephone systems.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to going either route… it just depends on your use case! Are you a professional power PC user? Do you need to be able to easily upgrade your computer? Limited budget? Want to reduce your office space? Need to travel?

The list is endless.

So, here’s a couple of examples!

Firstly (Me), I’m a graphics guy! I run very memory hungry creative programs… normally all at the same time. I’m also a Web guy! That means monitor space is almost always never enough… I use three monitors.

Having to play with high resolution images etc… essentially means a laptop is going to struggle (a bit) and professionally… that’s just a windup. So, I use a desktop pc. I also pretty much work from home, so have a permanent desk. 

Whereas… My colleague, who is a very talented web developer… doesn’t use the creative programs and travels back and forth to the main office. He still needs multiple monitors but not so much the processing power of a desktop pc… he has plumped for a decent laptop and a docking station to get the flexibility he needs to plug and play wherever he is. It’s cool and really works for him.

So, you see, it really does depend on your work requirements.

What we at Qdos have found, is that clients, that are looking to update their hardware are now asking for more portable solutions! Ways to make the transition from home (remote) to office work environment easier. Allowing for more flexibility, efficiency, and productivity in both areas.

But, as mentioned before… opinions are still divided! Some like a permanent desk, like their personal stuff around them… pictures of the family, #1 mum/dad mug… a place they can call their own, and if a team environment is required that’s probably the best solution.

Whatever your needs as a company, Qdos Digital Solutions has the answers. We are but a call away.

So, whether you need advice, want to discuss which direction is right for you or get a free quote… 

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