Email, the go to communication method we rely on every day to keep our businesses running smoothly… but what happens when those all-important communications don’t get to their intended destination?! 

How many times has your company sent emails out to addresses such as, or or and had bounce backs as ‘undeliverable’? Or do you they just keep hitting the junk mail or spam folders? Either way, super frustrating and not good for business!

So, exactly what are we dealing with here?

Since the start of 2024 most personal email providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail have tightened up security in the ongoing fight against spam and email scams. If your company is not keeping up with the changes, your emails will probably be hitting the junk folder or not being delivered at all!

Sick of having to ask your clients if they have checked their junk folder?

It all comes down to domain verification. The receiving email servers are now looking for an email protocol called DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). Your domain needs to have published a DMARC policy record which controls what happens if a message fails other authentication tests. In order words, these records tell the receiving email server whether an email has been sent from the right place. If your company’s domain does not have a DMARC policy, or it is incorrectly set up… well, good luck sending your emails reliably!

(good article on DMARC here).

This might all sound like a load of confusing IT jargon (it is), but this is where Qdos can help

There are (of course) a whole load of other potential obstacles that can wreak havoc with your ability to successfully send emails to these platforms like domain reputation and sender reputation. They are like your business’s online street cred. Without a decent domain reputation, email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc may just not let you in… 

Plus, it’s not only your domain’s reputation that matters here. Your own individual sender reputation also matters. If you’re in the habit of sending out emails littered with trigger words and spammy, well they will only end up in the dreaded junk folder.

Diagnosis is the key, looking under the hood of your systems to see if it’s just a simple misconfiguration or one or more of the biggies already mentioned. After which, the IT support experts at Qdos Digital can get to work letting you know all the red flags and fixing the issues. 

No more clients saying, ‘I didn’t get that email’, no more ‘undeliverable’ messages.

Qdos Digital Solutions can be your IT department; we have it covered. 

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