CTRL + Home

Move to cell A1

CTRL + PgUp (PgDown)

Moves between sheets in a workbook

Shift + Arrow Keys

Select a series of cells

CTRL + Arrow Keys

Moves around current objects on a sheet

CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow Keys

Selects whole area (range of data)

CTRL + *

Selects current region

F11 (Function Key)

Create a graph of current selection – adds a separate graph sheet


Opens the Name Manager Dialog (also found on the Formulas Tab)

CTRL + 1

Opens Format Cells Dialog

F4 (Function Key)

Repeats last command (useful for adding extra rows or columns)

CTRL + -

Invokes delete column / cell / row dialog

CTRL + +

Invokes add column / cell / row dialog

CTRL + Enter

Auto Fill Region - Select a series of cells and enter text into top cell then press CTRL + Enter to fill the entire range


Format cell into comma (number) format.


Format number into currency format.


Format number into percentage format.


Format number into scientific format.

CTRL + ~

Format number into date (custom) format

CTRL + 0

Hide selected column

CTRL + 9

Hide selected Row

CTRL + SHIFT + 9 Select rows either side of hidden row - UNHIDES hidden row

CTRL + ;

Adds in Todays date an formats cell to date

CTRL + ALT Adds new line in current cell - great for small pieces if text
CTRL + F Find
CTRL + H Replace
CTRL + G Goto cell or data named object
CTRL + D Duplicates the cell above
CTRL + ' Copies formulae from cell above
CTRL + R Copies from cell to the left i.e. copy to the right
CTRL + O Open a workbook
CTRL + N Create NEW workbook
CTRL + S Saves current workbook
CTRL + W Close current workbook
CTRL + T or CTRL + L Create a named Table - convert range to named Table
CTRL + SHIFT + L Turn ON or OFF Data Auto Filters
F12 (Function Key) Save AS
CTRL + 1 Opens the Format Cells Dialog - for Format Number / Alignment / Font / Border / Fill and Protection
CTRL + 2 or CTRL P Print
CTRL + 4 Underline or Remove Underline
CTRL + 5 Strike through or remove strike through
CTRL + SHIFT + 3 (CTRL £) Turn cell into Number Format
CTRL + SHIFT + 4  (CTRL $) Turn Cell into Curreny Format
CTRL + SHIFT + 5  (CTRL %) Turns Cell into Percentage


I hope you find this list of shortcuts useful and do feel free to ask us if you need any assistance or want to attend one of our courses.