Fear not! This is where we will equip you and your business with a IT disaster recovery support plan and ensure you emerge victorious from the direst of IT disasters.

Understanding IT Disasters

What exactly are we dealing with here? An IT disaster isn’t your usual computer glitch! It’s a bring your company to its knees! Loss of productivity, angry employees and clients pulling their hair out and possibly damage you can’t repair to your company’s reputation. Not good.

It could be a hardware meltdown making your access to servers impossible, a cyber-attack that destroys your data, or even a simple power problem that turns everything off, leaving you scrambling for a pad and pencil… needless to say, it could be catastrophic.

Preparing for IT Disasters

There is an old saying! “failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. It’s time to get proactive and get to work on an IT disaster recovery plan! In a time of crisis, this will be your company’s safety net. A lifeline that can’t just sit forgotten in a dusty corner of your server but will need regular reviewing and testing to ensure it is fit for purpose (an IT disaster recovery exercise, is a great idea) and in line with how your company works now, in the present and the future. 

An IT disaster recovery audit checklist would include everything from data backups and recovery procedures to who is responsible for what and communication protocols, alternate work arrangements and customer communication strategies, plus much more. It’s a road map to keeping your business running during this period of chaos. So, prepare to succeed, not fail. There is potentially a lot at stake.

Immediate Response Protocol! Disaster has struck – now what?

When it all hits the fan (so to speak), don’t panic. It’s essential to keep calm and firstly assess the situation. How bad is it? A minor hiccup? You know, the switch it on/off kind of thing, or a full-blown catastrophe that requires activating your IT disaster recovery plan. Communication is key! Keep your employees, customers and stakeholders fully informed in every step taken. A confused and panicking team won’t help the situation.

Implement your plan… procedures for data restoration, system recovery and communication… Call your IT support team.

Collaborating with IT Support

Now I may be somewhat biased, but having a trusted IT support team when disaster strikes, is always the way to go! Having a group of experts at hand, that you can lean on and knows the ins and outs of your companies IT infrastructure better than you do, is very reassuring.

Collaborating and fostering a proactive partnership with your IT support team is essential! They can and will help prevent disasters from occurring in the first place! With regular maintenance, security audits, software and hardware updates… keeping your systems resilient and healthy.

Being experts in the IT industry, they can see what could go wrong and create systems and procedures to mitigate what you as a business may not have even considered.

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Recovery and Post-Disaster Analysis

Your disaster recovery plan should be kicking in now! Dependant on the nature of the problem, this could involve restoring data from backups (server or cloud) or even rebuilding whole systems from scratch. If you have done a good job on your recovery plan, it should be a breeze and provide you with full guidance on the steps to achieve this. Crisis averted, everyone is happy and working again… good job.

Humans learn from the mistakes they make. So, now it’s time to figure out what went wrong and have a post-disaster analysis to refine your procedures and sort out those weak spots in your IT infrastructure. What was effective? What wasn’t?... Identify, then fix. If you have an IT support team behind you, great, they’ll sort it.


Understanding what can go wrong with your IT infrastructure, and being well prepared is the key to getting your business through IT disasters successfully and unscathed. Having a trusted IT support team to collaborate with ensures that you are well-equipped to weather the stormiest of days and face whatever is thrown your way. Keep your networks strong and your backups safe.


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