Reflector 2 was installed on to a laptop and connected to a projector over VGA, as is common in most training facilities. Then, with the laptop and iPad on the same network, we simply used Airplay to mirror the iPad screen to Reflector 2 on the laptop and all could be seen from the projector. A perfect solution!

Reflector 2 works with Apple devices (including the newly released iOS 9) and Android devices using Google Cast. It also allows two devices to be displayed at once, which is really useful when displaying a tablet and a phone to demonstrate key differences between them, or an iOS and an Android device side by side

It is available on both Windows and Mac, so ensure you order the right license for your computer as a Mac license will not work on a Windows computer, and vice-versa. Find out more on their website -

And this product only costs $14.99. A great price for a great product. Qdos highly recommends Reflector 2.