The Security concerns surrounding Snap Map

Many schools have sent out warnings to parents regarding the new feature, there have been concerns raised about the new update sharing user’s locations unknowingly as there was no major notice released notifying the public that this feature would be switched on by default.Unfortunately,in the world of social networking nowadays sharing your location on a map could leave some users potentially vulnerable, especially with how precise the location is on the map.

What can you do to avoid sharing your location?

Fortunately,you can turn this feature off.There are 3 settings available with regards to who you are sharing your location with:

My friends – Your location will be shared with all people you have listed as ‘friends’ on Snapchat.

Select friends – you can choose who can see your location, allowing you to only let close friends and family view your location and excluding anyone who you do not want to know your whereabouts.

Ghost – Your location is completely hidden and no one can view your location on Snap Map – the most secure of the three settings if you are worried about your location being shared, or your child’s location being shared.

How do you change the settings on Snapchat to hide my location?

To turn off the location sharing feature on Snap Map just navigate to the Snap Map homepage and find the cog in the top right-hand corner of the page, if you tap on the cog it should bring up a list of options allowing you to customise your location sharing settings or turn on ‘Ghost Mode’ and keep your location private.