StudioTwenty7 are a team of creative specialists, creating bespoke digital print and graphic design. Frustrated with the out of the box solutions, with off the shelf Content Management System (CMS) website builders and wanting more functions and options, they contacted Qdos Digital Solutions for help.

Client Brief

  • Gallery / Portfolio style website design in a masonry layout to showcase their work
  • Bespoke Portfolio filter: To be able to give images colour values and present these images as a spectrum of colour. Plus filter for product and service type
  • Be able to have hands on content management system access to populate and create their own pages
  • Website design and layout must be responsive and work across multiple mobile devices
  • Have access to be able to change colours of site when they desired
  • Display all the categories of Services and Products in an easy to navigate menu system
  • News / Blog post area

The Solution

StudioTwenty7, being a team of graphic gurus and very much knowing what they wanted the website to look like, liaised with the Qdos Web team closely. Ensuring, with our advice, that designs could work responsively and altering them as such, if need be. Using the Drupal CMS platform, we built pages that the client could choose from a series of paragraph styles to populate the pages as they wished.

A taxonomy of categories, products & colours allowed for bespoke filters to be created, for a multitude of options to search though and ensuring that the spectrum of colours in the portfolio images could be achieved. All these values are entered through available fields within the page edits for client control.

studiotwenty7 filter image
Bespoke Image Filter by Qdos Digital Solutions


Quality of images was achieved through a mix of advice to the client (who are well versed in the world of digital resolution) and the setting up of Drupal image styles, ensuring that images stay sharp at all screen sizes without being over sized and slowing down page load times.

A series of page content types was also created. Giving the client an easy to navigate way of building different types of content, whether, service, product, news or portfolio... swiftly, by populating fields and giving consistency to the website design.

A full tutorial was given on how to use the Drupal CMS to the team at StudioTwenty7 and on-going Qdos Web Team support is always at hand whenever they require help or advice.


Client Testimonial

“Working with David and the guys at Qdos has been great. David has helped us build a new website gallery, portfolio, product and service pages for our creative print company.

We are really happy with the end result, during the build any updates we requested he actioned super fast, so the changes are live when we need them.

We would highly recommend the Qdos team”

Tallulah Coen-d'Arcy - StudioTwenty7 - Creative Director


studiotwenty7 logo

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