A local veterinary surgery was using an outdated phone system, which was lacking in business level features. It was also unreliable, and calls were of inferior quality. Staff and customers alike grew increasingly frustrated with it and it was hampering the ongoing high-quality operations of the surgery.

Qdos was tasked with helping to improve the service whilst helping to save costs.


  • Poor call quality
  • Unreliable service (would go down for hours or even days at a time!)
  • The receptionist had two desk phones and had to pick up calls whilst already on a call, to ask the caller to hold
  • Lack of automated options for out of hours messaging and scheduled changes for public holidays


Qdos installed a 3CX VoIP phone system - a business level phone system with all the features a business could ask for but also one which scales down, making it extremely competitive regarding cost for small companies such as local surgeries.


  • Better call quality noticed immediately by staff and callers
  • Ability to record personalised messages 
  • Creation of a call queue meaning that the receptionist must no longer answer multiple phones. The caller receives queue position notifications while on hold and the receptionist phone only rings again once they finish any existing calls.
  • Overflow of calls to other phones in the surgery if required during busy periods
  • Automated switchover to out of hours service with professional automated messages
  • Smartphone & web app options available allowing staff to use the system in emergencies without having to use their own mobile
  • Call logs and advanced reporting facilities allowing regular review of statistics (e.g. average caller waiting time and to look for trends, allowing better future planning
  • Extremely reliable service, monitored and fully supported on an ongoing basis by Qdos
  • Fantastic pricing meaning a greater return on investment
  • Future proofing – they are now ready for the BT analogue switch off and no longer have any reliance upon the old infrastructure


A far superior system providing an exceptionally reliable, professional, and convenient service for both staff and customers, saving time and frustration.


This is an excellent case-study for highlighting how businesses can make simple, low-cost technological changes which result in significant improvements to their ongoing operations. A phone system is integral to many businesses of all sizes. Qdos highly recommends 3CX as a solution.

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