Course Outline

1-Day Microsoft Visio training for All level of users

Microsoft Visio is an advanced diagramming tool used to create everything from business flow charts to computer network diagrams. Learning how to use Visio will help you to simplify complexity with dynamic data-driven visuals. 

Target Audience

All users.


To provide a comprehensive overview of Visio and allow delegates to confidently create diagrams from flowcharts and swim lanes through to scaled drawings.


Any experience using graphics would be beneficial but is not necessary.


Topics Covered

Getting Started with Visio 

  • Navigate the Visio Environment
  • Understanding ribbons and Quick Access Toolbar
  • Opening, Saving and file extensions

Workflow with Shapes

  • Use Drawing Components
  • Finding Drawing shapes
  • Moving and manipulating shapes
  • Copying shapes
  • Filling and Outlining shapes
  • Changing stack order


  • Adding text into shapes
  • Formatting Text
  • Modifying Text location
  • Free Text objects, Titles etc

Creating Flowcharts

  • Using the Flowchart stencils
  • Create a Basic Flow Chart
  • Modify and manipulating diagrams

Scale Drawing

  • Using the Scale Drawing Plan Templates
  • Setting the scale
  • Using Basic Floor Plan shapes
  • Model a Room Layout


  • Use Shape Data
  • Use Layers 

Creating an Organisation Chart

  • Using the Visio Templates
  • Creating your own shapes
  • Adding and storing data

Creating Bespoke Shapes with Operations

  • Using Boolean drawing objects
  • Union
  • Combine
  • Fragment
  • Intersect
  • Subtract

Creating A Shape Stencil

  • Using your My Shapes Stencil
  • Adding to Favourites
  • Creating a New Stencil
  • Adding Shapes

Saving as HTML

  • Creating a web diagram
  • Saving as web page and Publish options
  • Understanding Shape data
  • Adding shape data