Course Outline

1-Day Microsoft Sharepoint training for Basic level users

This course will help you become familiar with the SharePoint environment, browsing and navigating sites through a hands-on experience. You will learn how to access SharePoint using a browser or directly through Microsoft Office. Use SharePoint to collaborate within a team. Organise and manage documents, events, lists and other items. You will also learn how to create sites with both public and private areas, and how to search for information in a portal site.

Target Audience

Basic SharePoint end users.


The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required by an end-user of Microsoft SharePoint. 

This course will help you meet the following objectives: understand SharePoint concepts; share information with individuals, departments or teams; create and maintain SharePoint lists and libraries; use various tools to maintain content in a SharePoint site.




Topics Covered

Basic Understanding and Overview

  • Working with SharePoint
  • SharePoint Structure
  • Navigating Sites
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Searching for documents or people


  • What is My Site?
  • My Profile
  • Colleague Tracker
  • My Links
  • Introduction
  • Manage Documents
  • Work with Documents
  • Document Properties
  • Wiki Libraries

Document Libraries

  • Creating Lists
  • Using Columns (Metadata)
  • Creating Views
  • Using Personalised Views
  • Check Out/In
  • Document Versioning
  • Alerts


  • Creating Lists
  • Events / Calendar Lists
  • Task Lists
  • Project Tasks Lists
  • Contacts List
  • Sorting items
  • Filtering items
  • Working with Columns


  • Creating Wiki Pages
  • Using wiki links
  • Hyperlinks to other pages
  • Hyperlinks to external web sites
  • Images
  • Using buttons
  • Web part basics