Course Outline

Half Day - Discover Microsoft Sharepoint

A hands-on half-day seminar that will show live demonstrations in the ease of setting up and configuring SharePoint sites, sharing information and documents and how it can help you automate processes within your business.

There will be a question and answer time for you to come and ask an expert how SharePoint could be used in your environment. The course will be delivered by our specialist consultant who has over 10 years working and developing SharePoint. He will pass on his expertise and give examples from the many companies he has helped to discover the possibilities and capabilities of SharePoint. 

Target Audience

The seminar applies whether you have already purchased SharePoint or just want to discover if or how it could solve your needs. It is a generic session so will cover in essence all versions including Office 365, although some areas may only be available in later versions of the product.


This seminar will give you an opportunity to discover some of the capabilities of this powerful information system. It will demonstrate how the product is used in various companies from large blue chip companies through to much smaller businesses. 




Topics Covered

  • Can SharePoint help my business?
  • What is SharePoint and what can it do?
  • How can SharePoint be used in Process Automation?
  • Can SharePoint replace or run alongside existing databases?
  • Can existing data be accessed through SharePoint?
  • The history of SharePoint
  • SharePoint versions
  • Key uses of SharePoint
  • SharePoint as an Intranet
  • Document Management System
  • Data Entry System and Forms
  • Using templates in SharePoint
  • Information Management
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Process Automation and workflow



  • Accident logging systems
  • Transport management
  • Electronic Performance Reviews
  • Event management