Course Outline

1-Day Microsoft Sharepoint training for Intranet / Internet Power Users and Administrators

Learn how to create and manage SharePoint pages in order to create a user friendly environment.

Target Audience

This course is aimed at delegates who will be responsible for administering intranet sites, managing content and page structures.


To understand the more complex components of web and wiki pages, managing page security, develop and manage an intranet / internet environment in SharePoint.


It is advised that delegates should attend the SharePoint Internet Intranet Contributor course or at least understand the content on that course prior to attending this module.


Topics Covered

Basic SharePoint 2013 Core

  • Navigation and moving around the system
  • Understanding the basic infrastructure including
    • Intranet, Taxonomy, My Site / Profile


  • Built in groups
  • Creating groups
  • Adding/ managing users and groups
  • Modifying permissions to groups
  • The security model (Inheritance model)
  • App permission and breaking inheritance

Site Management

  • Create Remove Apps
  • The App store
  • Configure site settings
  • Configure App settings

Intranet Pages

  • Wiki pages vs Layout Pages
  • Publishing pages and web parts
  • Modifying the Quick Launch and Top Bar navigation controls
  • Using the content editing ribbon e.g. in Content Fields, Content Editor and Wiki
  • Using metadata to improve page search results
  • Understanding and using Web Parts including
  • Content Editor
  • Media and Content web parts
  • Script Editor web part
  • List web parts
  • Useful Links and Auto styling Web Parts
  • Search web parts
  • Using JavaScript in web parts

Managing Apps

  • Creating and Managing Apps
  • Managing app columns Metadata
  • Modifying and creating Public Views