Course Outline

1 Day- Microsoft SharePoint training - Theming and Development

This course has been developed for companies that would like to tailor the look and feel of SharePoint without the complexities of bespoke programming.

Target Audience

It is intended for SharePoint administrators or Power Users who have a good understanding of SharePoint, sites, pages and web parts.


To understand how SharePoint can be themed using built in systems and branded using style sheets to suit your corporate style.


No particular programming or CSS knowledge is needed but a good understanding of web concepts would be useful.


Topics Covered


  • Modify Site colours and fonts using existing themes
  • Create a new Theme (*.thmx) file
  • Import themes to theme gallery
  • Apply themes to sites


  • Understanding the basic structure of HTML and ASPX
  • What are Cascading Style Sheets?
  • How do CSS control look and feel
  • The basic controls
  • Tags, Classes and Divs
  • Controlling objects through CSS

Master Page and CSS

  • Create new master page for site
  • Create bespoke CSS file 
  • Register CSS file into new Master page
  • Manipulate CSS file with important overrides
  • Standard tag overrides H1, H2, etc
  • Finding and Manipulating basic object Tags
  • Modifying basic div tags
  • Modifying Navigation
  • Changing the Quick Launch
  • Modifying the Header bar

Web Parts

  • Using Content Editor WebPart (CEWP) for on page CSS
  • Manipulating navigation and Quick launch on page
  • Changing views through the CEWP


  • Additional tools
  • Functionality
  • What can CSS3 do
  • Where will it work


  • Using JS to modify lists
  • Using JS in the CEWP